DarkAndLight-Servers.com Blog Feed en https://darkandlight-servers.com/ Wed, 27 Nov 2019 23:33 CET DarkAndLight-Servers.com is a Dark And Light servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Announcement on Server Transfer Loss https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/93/announcement-on-server-transfer-loss/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/93/announcement-on-server-transfer-loss/ Wed, 27 Nov 2019 23:33 CET
Due to the abuse of transfer related complications, we will be suspending compensation for transfer losses until further notice.

The development team will continue to investigate and troubleshoot transfers, but until we are able to resolve the issues, players are advised to transfer at their own risk.

For assistance in other matters, please continue to contact our Customer Service team here: https://support.playdnl.com/hc/en-us

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding as the team continues to address the design flaws in Dark and Light

-The DnL Team
Announcement on Server Transfer Loss https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/92/announcement-on-server-transfer-loss/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/92/announcement-on-server-transfer-loss/ Wed, 27 Nov 2019 23:33 CET here.]]> Dark and Light Halloween Patch Ends https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/91/dark-and-light-halloween-patch-ends/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/91/dark-and-light-halloween-patch-ends/ Thu, 14 Nov 2019 01:13 CET
We hope you were enjoying the Halloween content. Unfortunately, it is time for Halloween Skeleton and Mini Elite Dark Wraith to say goodbye to the Graveyard. However, the Halloween Skeleton will still spawn in the Sacred Path, along with their drops at a much lower rate.

Official servers will be closed for maintenance and update at 12 AM PST on November 14th.

Double harvest rate and double taming rate will also be disabled. However, we will continue to implement double harvest rate weekend.

Thank you.

Dark and Light Halloween Patch Ends https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/90/dark-and-light-halloween-patch-ends/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/90/dark-and-light-halloween-patch-ends/ Thu, 14 Nov 2019 01:13 CET here.]]> Dark and Light Halloween Patch https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/89/dark-and-light-halloween-patch/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/89/dark-and-light-halloween-patch/ Sat, 26 Oct 2019 03:53 CEST

Greetings Adventurers,

Our Halloween update will be at 1:00 am PDT on October 26th.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

Warning! Meteorites are dropping in the Graveyard (aka Dark Forest) area on the Sacred Path, and dark creatures are invited to join in on the Halloween Party. Adventurers will be able to find items that are exclusive to these Halloween meteorites! However, obtaining these treats will be no easy feat! You will have to defeat the dark creatures to obtain them!

Skeletons dressed up in unusual costumes are also ambushing careless adventurers. Adventurers will encounter knight Skeleton, archer Skeleton, and wizard Skeleton. You may even run into mini Reapers and mini Elite Dark Wraiths. These dark creatures carry all sorts of Halloween candy that will grant you power - if you can take the side effect! Adventurers are advised to hunt them down!

New Halloween Candy
  • BloodBerry Candy: a red Halloween candy containing evil power which buffs damage while slowly poisoning the user
  • SnakeVine Candy: a yellow Halloween candy containing evil power, which buffs movement speed while slowly poisoning the user.
  • Ghost Mushroom Candy: a blue Halloween candy containing evil power, which reduces stamina cost and mana cost while slowly poisoning the user.
  • Vermouth Candy: a green Halloween candy containing evil power, which removes the poisoning effect on you at the cost of your Health Points..
  • Assorted Candy: a jar of assorted Halloween candy; can be crafted using the other four Halloween Candy and the Pumpkin Candy Jar. Without poisoning you, Assorted Candy grants you all 4 buffs that each of Halloween Candies provides. You can consume the Assorted Candy only up to 5 times, and once you eat it all, the Pumpkin Candy Jar will be returned to you.

**Note: Assorted Candy is also Mini Elite Dark Wraith’s favorite feed. You heard us. Mini Elite Dark Wraith is tameable!

In addition to the Halloween candies, we have a few other new Items, the Evil Treasure (pumpkin storage box) and the Pumpkin Candy Jar.

As an extension to our regular weekend double harvest rate, all official servers will enjoy both double harvest rate and double taming rate from October 26th to November 4th.

Thank you.

Dark and Light Halloween Patch https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/88/dark-and-light-halloween-patch/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/88/dark-and-light-halloween-patch/ Sat, 26 Oct 2019 03:53 CEST here.]]> An ominous wind lurks through Archos https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/87/an-ominous-wind-lurks-through-archos/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/87/an-ominous-wind-lurks-through-archos/ Sat, 19 Oct 2019 04:00 CEST

Adventurers of Archos, I bid you beware...
A sinister feeling approaches
as the darkness encroaches...
Oh, into the Dark Forest I shall not dare!

Be wary adventurers! Gaia's influence grows stronger around this time of year. Prepare yourselves... Gobboween is on the horizon.

Date and more details to come!

Stay safe out there....

9/20 - Announcing Chaos Shutdown, First Chaos Battle Batch, and 2x Harvest https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/86/9-20-announcing-chaos-shutdown-first-chaos-battle-batch-and-2x-harvest/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/86/9-20-announcing-chaos-shutdown-first-chaos-battle-batch-and-2x-harvest/ Tue, 01 Oct 2019 03:47 CEST

Greetings Adventurers,

We'd like to thank everyone for their input regarding the Chaos Server Revamp. After perusing the feedback over the weekend, we will be moving forward with the changes proposed previously:

Originally we had announced that we would be referring to these new servers Chaos Fury - however, we have decided instead to name these new servers Chaos Battle to emphasize the fast-paced PVP nature.

Chaos Server Scheduled Shutdown
Asian Chaos Servers have already been shut down rebooted to Chaos Battle

EU and NA Chaos servers are scheduled to go down on October 8 at 1:00 AM PDT

First Chaos Battle Batch
The first batch of Chaos Battle servers is scheduled to go live shortly after the Chaos Servers shut down on October 8th at 1:00 AM PDT - three Archos server and one Gaia server, all of which are server-transferrable

The next two batches will expand upon previous batches and are scheduled to be released after a two week period between each batch.

2x Harvest Extension
In light of the Chaos Server Revamp, we will be extending 2x Harvest across ALL servers until October 8, 1:00 AM PDT.

Chaos Players Compensation
  • Players from the original Chaos servers can contact a GM at Customer Support[support.playdnl.com] to ask for compensation for the lost items in server wipe, Compensation can be received on any server of the player's choice, with the exception of the new Chaos Battle servers.
  • The deadline to submit a ticket for compensation will be October 8, 1:00 AM PDT.
  • Players may also contact Customer Support[support.playdnl.com] for a saved archive of their Chaos Server. In which case, please be sure to provide the GM your Email, Server, Character Name and SteamID64
9/20 - Announcing Chaos Shutdown, First Chaos Battle Batch, and 2x Harvest https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/85/9-20-announcing-chaos-shutdown-first-chaos-battle-batch-and-2x-harvest/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/85/9-20-announcing-chaos-shutdown-first-chaos-battle-batch-and-2x-harvest/ Tue, 01 Oct 2019 03:47 CEST here.]]> Attention: Tentative Chaos Server Revamp https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/84/attention-tentative-chaos-server-revamp/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/84/attention-tentative-chaos-server-revamp/ Fri, 27 Sep 2019 02:27 CEST

Greetings Adventurers

The Ice Dragon and Towers Rework patch is still steady on the way! Thanks for your continued patience. For now though, we'd like to begin a discussion on the state of Chaos Servers.

For a time now, Chaos servers have seen less activity compared to our servers. This deserved some looking into, and after some consideration, the development team has decided to revamp the Chaos Servers. We are looking to shut down the Chaos Servers to introduce Chaos Fury Servers with new settings and rules. The plan is to have players start anew on the Chaos Fury servers.

Of course, we'd like to hear from our Community before we make such changes and are open to suggestions.

Chaos Fury Server - Proposed Rules and Settings
Server settings:
  1. 5x exp gain
  2. 10x harvest rate
  3. 3x resource spawning speed
  4. 5x taming rate
  5. 3x dino damage
War Declaration:
  1. 3 hours to prepare for war after a house is declared war upon.
  2. 6 hours for war time
Depending on the amount of active players, we are potentially looking into having these be fast-paced servers that are wiped on a monthly basis.

Tentative Schedule
After gathering community feedback and finalizing the Chaos Fury settings, we will make an announcement and begin to roll out the Chaos Furry servers in 3 batches every 2 weeks. A more detailed schedule will be provided with the final announcement.

I was playing on a Chaos Server, what can be done?
  • Players from the original Chaos servers can contact GM to ask for compensation on their new server. The deadline for compensation will be announced upon finalization of the Chaos Fury plans as well.
  • Players can also ask for a saved archive of the Chaos servers

Please let us know your feedback on the proposed changes! We look forward to hearing from the community. :)]]>
Attention: Tentative Chaos Server Revamp https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/83/attention-tentative-chaos-server-revamp/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/83/attention-tentative-chaos-server-revamp/ Fri, 27 Sep 2019 02:27 CEST here.]]> Dark and Light Patch 9/19 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/82/dark-and-light-patch-9-19/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/82/dark-and-light-patch-9-19/ Thu, 19 Sep 2019 07:11 CEST
Our next update will be around 1:00 am PDT on September 19. This patch is to fix an issue with server transfer, and enable log for transferred and transferring characters.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

Thank you.]]>
Dark and Light Patch 9/19 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/81/dark-and-light-patch-9-19/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/81/dark-and-light-patch-9-19/ Thu, 19 Sep 2019 07:11 CEST here.]]> 09/05 - Character Loss Issues https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/80/09-05-character-loss-issues/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/80/09-05-character-loss-issues/ Fri, 06 Sep 2019 00:50 CEST
We are aware of the issue of character loss during server transfer, since our last update on 8/29. While we are working on a hotfix asap, we are urging players not to transfer their character before we fix it.

If you have experienced character loss, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support team for assistance:

We apologize greatly for the inconvenience.]]>
Server Transfer Patch and Announcing 2x Harvest Weekends https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/79/server-transfer-patch-and-announcing-2x-harvest-weekends/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/79/server-transfer-patch-and-announcing-2x-harvest-weekends/ Thu, 29 Aug 2019 01:32 CEST

Greetings Adventurers,

Our next update will be at 1:00 am PDT on August 29.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

  • This patch focuses on fixing the issue with data loss during server transfers.

The development team is still continuing to work on the Ice Dragon and Elemental Tower Reworks. Until that patch is ready, we may push smaller patches such as this one to address certain issues in the meantime.

We will release more information regarding the Rework patch as we receive it. Thank you everyone for your patience. :)

We're also happy to introduce Double Harvest Weekends! We know a lot of of players have been asking for it. Starting on August 30, we will be hosting our Double Harvest Rate Event every weekend. Double harvest rate will be effective Friday nights through Monday midnight Pacific Time.

Thank you and happy adventuring! :)
Dark and Light Patch 8/14 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/78/dark-and-light-patch-8-14/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/78/dark-and-light-patch-8-14/ Thu, 15 Aug 2019 05:01 CEST
Our next update will be at 1:00 am PDT on August 14.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

  • Fixed an issue where fighting in the Fire Cave might cause server lag.
  • Fixed an issue where the decay timer was not show the correct count-down for some facilities/structures.
Double Harvest Rate
We will also be hosting our double harvest rate event from 8/15 to 8/22.

Thank you.]]>
Dark and Light 35% during the Snail Games Publisher Sale Aug 1-4 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/77/dark-and-light-35-during-the-snail-games-publisher-sale-aug-1-4/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/77/dark-and-light-35-during-the-snail-games-publisher-sale-aug-1-4/ Thu, 01 Aug 2019 20:06 CEST

You take one last look back as you pick up your belongings and embark on your new journey. 🌄 Curious, you hop into the Snail Games Publisher Sale on Steam and happen upon the dangerous but beautiful world of Archos! 🌟 Dark and Light is now 35% off until August 4th! What discoveries and adventures await you in this unknown land? 🗡️

Visit the Snail Games Publisher page here:

Happy Gaming! :)]]>
2x Drop and Tame Rate ending 7/19 & Community Update https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/76/2x-drop-and-tame-rate-ending-7-19/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/76/2x-drop-and-tame-rate-ending-7-19/ Thu, 18 Jul 2019 03:53 CEST

Hello Adventurers!

Don't forget - Double rate and double tame rate on Official is ending this Friday 7/19. Get that last minute grinding and farming in now!

What's going on?
As we mentioned in our last Community Update, the development team's main focus is currently on: Ice Dragon Rework, Magic/Elemental Rework, Server Transfers, Code Update. More details will follow when available.

In regards to the changes within our community team - we are still waiting for a few more pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. Meanwhile, we've been making internal changes to our workflow and processes. We'd like to apologize again for any lack of engagement during this time. We thank you for your patience as we continue to place a new foundation.

There have been questions about whether Dark and Light would be released on other platforms. Porting to Consoles is an entire endeavor on its own. Console development is a different process and presents its own unique challenges. If you would like to understand a little more about porting to consoles, please refer to this article here:

That being said, the development team would like to focus their efforts on bringing Dark and Light to full release before we consider other platforms

Development Kit
We're happy to see that there is continued interest in the DnL Dev Kit. We loved seeing how our modding community was able to add to the world we created. However, as we are pushing towards full release, it is unlikely that the Dev Kit will be updated before then. Thank you for your understanding!

Decay/Timer bug
Thank you for all of your bug reports! The issue with the decay and timers has been particularly of note. The development team is aware of this issue and are actively working on resolving this bug among others.]]>
Double Drop Rate and Double Tame Rate 07/05 - 07/19 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/75/double-drop-rate-and-double-tame-rate-07-05-07-19/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/75/double-drop-rate-and-double-tame-rate-07-05-07-19/ Fri, 05 Jul 2019 21:40 CEST

Hello Adventurers!

Let's get the summer time adventures rolling with double the drop rate and double taming rate on all Official servers starting now July 5th until July 19th!

Farm up and make friends with new creatures. Now's the perfect time to grind and strengthen your guild to fight for your faction!

Forge onward and happy adventuring! :)]]>
Community Update - 07/03/19 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/74/community-update-07-03-19/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/74/community-update-07-03-19/ Thu, 04 Jul 2019 04:41 CEST

Hello Adventurers!

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for our lack of community presence these past months. Thank you to everyone who has been, and everyone who continues to be, a part of Dark and Light's development. We truly appreciate all your support and patience.

Development Update
Current Focus
  • Ice Dragon Rework
  • Magic/Elemental Tower Rework
  • Patching Server Transfers
  • Code Updates
Please note that the above is not a preview of the next patch. We know you guys have been wondering about the current state of development. It is only just a look into some of the Development Team's current focuses. We will make a separate news post when we have more details and information about the next patch.

Snail Games Community Team Update
We are excited to announce a change to our Community Team. Please join us in wishing Calculated good luck in his new endeavor, and welcome a new Snail Games Community Manager - Somi!

Hi guys, nice to meet you all! :)

Some of you may have already noticed me if you're on our Official Discord. I apologize for the late introduction and thank you for your patience as I continue to settle into the role. The Community Team as a whole will be undergoing a transition and I am very excited to help build up our community. A lot of the changes will be internal for now as we look into improving our community presence. Thank you! :)

If you would like to reach out to me directly - for now, you can contact me at the Official Dark and Light Community Discord: https://discord.gg/NhkhavA

-- Somi and the Snail Games Community Team

Monument Building Community Event Winners! https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/73/monument-building-community-event-winners/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/73/monument-building-community-event-winners/ Tue, 11 Jun 2019 02:21 CEST
We had some amazing submissions from the community with truly creative ideas. We managed to narrow our top three picks for PvE and PvP server submissions, and here they are:


Third Place: Christian

Second Place: Joe

First Place: Janne


Third Place: Laura

Second Place: Luciano

First place: Hell

We will be distributing the prizes in game this week. Thank you all so much for your participation!

-The Dark and Light Community Team
Dark and Light Minor Patch 6/6 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/72/dark-and-light-minor-patch-6-6/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/72/dark-and-light-minor-patch-6-6/ Thu, 06 Jun 2019 10:54 CEST
We pushed an minor update at 1:00 am PST on June 6 to fix data loss that might have been incurred during server transfer and update new Styles of wooden and stone buildings.

Double Harvest Rate Extension

From June 6 to June 14, we are hosting a double harvest rate plus double taming rate event.

thank you.

Dark and Light Minor Patch 5/30 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/71/dark-and-light-minor-patch-5-30/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/71/dark-and-light-minor-patch-5-30/ Thu, 30 May 2019 21:24 CEST
We pushed an minor update at 1:00 am PST on May 30 to fix data loss that might have been incurred during server transfer.

We will continue to keep an eye out for any similar issues, and we encourage you to submit a ticket to DnL Support [support.playdnl.com] or submit a bug report to DnL Bug Report [docs.google.com] if you encounter data loss in the future.

Thank you.

Dark and Light Patch 5/23 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/70/dark-and-light-patch-5-23/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/70/dark-and-light-patch-5-23/ Thu, 23 May 2019 18:44 CEST
We pushed an update at 1:00 am PST on May 23.

  • Fixed an issue where Bytorg, the Ice Cave boss, might not spawn as is designed in the Ice Cave progression.
  • Fixed an issue where Fireball III could be used to drain Elemental Tower ammo. Fireball III will no longer be doing damage to Elemental Tower, nor will it be interrupted by Elemental Tower ammo.

Dark and Light Patch 5/17 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/69/dark-and-light-patch-5-17/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/69/dark-and-light-patch-5-17/ Thu, 16 May 2019 23:24 CEST
Our next update will be at 1:00 am PST on May 17.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

Elemental Tower Change and Balancing
  • Increased the basic damage for Elemental Tower from 75 to 100
  • Increased the max damage Elemental Tower does from 225 to 350 per shot
  • Increased the Water Element ammo’s movement slowdown from 20% to 40%
  • Increased the Light Element ammo’s accumulated Constitution on the target when getting hit from 10 to 20, and adjusted the shooting interval from 2.4 to 2
  • Increased the Dark Element ammo’s additional damage from 75 to 150, and adjusted its shooting interval from 0.4 to 0.8
  • Increased the Wind Element ammo’s valid range from 1,000 to 1,500
  • Removed two Elemental Requirement: Fire+Earth and Water+Earth
  • Optimized Elemental Tower’s vfx, to reduced the lagging issues caused by large amount of Elemental Towers getting rendered
  • Preview of Large Elemental Tower in the next patch: in additional to the current elemental combinations available at the Elemental Tower, Large Elemental Tower will enjoy two more elemental combos:
    Combo 1: tremendous amount of damage to flyers
    Combo 2: AOE explosive damage to non-flyers

Constitution Cure Items
Three items can now be used to reduce Constitution and cure torpidity.
  • Flower - reduced 1.5 constitution per consumption
  • Vigor Mushroom - grown from Fungal Spores planted in Crop Plot. Vigor Mushroom’s original stamina restoration effect is now replaced with Constitution restoration effect, reducing 75 Constitution within 5 seconds
  • Gourmet Flatbread - craftable in the Stone Fireplace. Gourmet Flatbread’s immediate effect is changed to reducing 225 Constitution within 3 seconds, while its subsequent food buff will increase the max Constitution by 300, and reduce 15 Constitution per second for a duration of 1,800 seconds

Light Elemental Fixes and Changes
  • Optimized the light orbs held in Light Elemental’s hands so that they are getting rendered correctly from a long distance
  • Reduced the required Mana for Light Elemental to go into illumination mode to 1/30 of its original
  • Fixed an issue where server restart would cause the Light Elemental to despawn
  • Fixed an issue where some options were not selectable in tamed Light Elemental’s action wheel

Ice Cave Boss Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed an issue where Bytorg will not respawn after getting killed
  • Reduced Bytorg’s respawn timer from 3 hours to 2 hours
  • Slightly increased the damage Bytorg’s skill attacks does

Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Satyr Incarnated character did not have walking sfx

Other Changes
  • Color Tone Change to Talos, Human City
    - Adjusted the structure color tone for Talos, for better layered environment.
    - Adjusted the color tone for the village outside Talos
  • Small Chest model redo
Monument Building Community Event https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/68/monument-building-community-event/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/68/monument-building-community-event/ Tue, 07 May 2019 02:21 CEST

Description/Artwork Requirement

We want to see players make their own real life monuments in Dark and Light! Pull inspiration from historical buildings from across the world and put your building skills to the test by creating them in game.

  • Only official servers will participate in this event
  • PVP servers, and PVE servers will be judged separately
  • Only one submission will be accepted per house
  • DnL artists will be the judge to give scores to submitted artwork
  • Cheaters will be disqualified

How to participate

Post in the comments with your server, name of House, name of Characters, along with at least three screenshots of your artwork, including one front view, one side view, and one bird view.

  • Submission window will be open: 2019.05.06 - 2019.05.31
  • Artists evaluation: 2019.06.01 - 2019.06.08
  • Rewards distribution: 2019.06.10 - 2019.06.15

  • First place - Golden Mythical Creature statue*1; Miniature*5; Quality equipment sets*2; Quality weapons*3
  • Second place - Golden Mythical Creature statue*1; Miniature*3; Quality equipment sets*1; Quality weapons*1
  • Third place - Bone Dragon skin*1; Miniature*2; Quality equipment sets*1
  • Fourth to Sixth place - Golden Horse Saddle skin*1; Miniature*2; Quality weapons*1
  • Seventh to Tenth place - Miniature*1; Quality weapons*1

Double Harvest Rate Extension
In accommodation to the rebuild event, we are extending the double harvest rate event to May 11.

Dark and Light Patch 4/24-Light versus Dark https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/67/dark-and-light-patch-4-24-light-versus-dark/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/67/dark-and-light-patch-4-24-light-versus-dark/ Thu, 25 Apr 2019 14:41 CEST
Our next update will be at 2:00 am PDT on April 25.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

Light versus Dark

Light Elemental

As a mid-tier elemental creature, Light Elemental is supposed to be more powerful than early game creatures such as, Fire Elemental. So we have decided to buff Light Elemental and brand her as the representative of the light and brightness.

While Light Elemental does not enjoy advantage in HP growth, she is empowered the ranged skills to ensure her ability to carry damage as a rear unit. She will also have the ability to Overload to fend off enemies getting too close to her in close range combat

  • Increased Light Elemental’s initial base HP from 720 to 800
  • Set Light Elemental’s Mana at a fixed number of 250; casting her skill will drain Mana
  • Reduced Light Elemental’s Focus from 500 to 350, and enabled it to be level-point-increase-able at a rate of 4% per level point added
  • Changed the revival material for Light Elemental to Lightstone and Light Elemental Core
  • Increased the required time for Light Elemental to revive in the Summoning Pool
  • Adjusted the amount of Food Light Elemental restored from consuming Magic Shard, Magic Essence and Chaos Essence provide
  • Adjusted the spawning amount and spawning area of Light Elemental

Light Elemental Skills
  • Light Elemental’s attack contains light elemental effect, doing 200% damage upon Fire Lord and dark elemental creatures
  • Light Elemental’s attack will not inflict damage on structures above the tier of Wood Structures
  • Light Elemental’s first ranged skill is Light Bolt, which causes small AoE explosion upon hitting the target. Each cast contains three releases, one orb per release for the first two, and two orbs for the last release
  • Light Elemental’s second ranged skill is Light Orb, which causes explosion upon hitting the target and leaves a ring that could slow down enemies (currently not effective on wild creatures) staying inside before it explodes again
  • Light Elemental can Overload herself when engaged in close-ranged combat
  • Overload lasts for 30 seconds
  • Overload grants her attack and skill damages to 300%
  • Overload grants her 50 HP restoration per second
  • Overload grants her 15% increase in movement speed

Light Elemental Additional Functionality
  • Tamed Light Elemental can serve as a light source to illuminate the environment by consuming her Focus. The command can be completed in her action wheel

Other changes
  • Reduced Light Elemental’s size
  • Optimized Light Elemental’s animation
  • Optimized the vfx of Light Elemental’s skill attacks
  • Optimized Light Elemental’s appearance in her non-Overload state

Fire Lord/Dark Elemental

As a mid-tier elemental creature, Fire Lord is an underrated fighter with strong physiques and AOE skills, making him an unstoppable force in closed-ranged combat. His dark resistance can effectively counteract dark creatures from meteorite drops, thus allowing him to be the tank in the front line against the darkness.

  • Increased Fire Lord’s initial HP from 900 to 1150, and increased the amount of HP growth per level-up point
  • Set Fire Lord’s Mana at a fixed number of 100; casting his skills will drain Mana
  • Adjusted the revival material for Fire Lord to Darkstone and Dark Elemental Core
  • Increased the required time to revive Fire Lord in the Summoning Pool
  • Adjusted the spawning amount and spawning area of Fire Lord: Fire Lord now spawns in Sacrificial Grounds (lower level), Dragon Island (higher level), and Volcano Island

Fire Lord Skills
  • Fire Lord’s attack contain dark elemental effect, doing 200% damage upon Light Elemental and light elemental creatures
  • Fire Lord’s attack will not inflict damage on structures above the tier of Wood Structures
  • Fire Lord’s first ranged skill is Fire Bolt, quicker in flying speed but lower in damage; it incurs explosive damage upon hitting the target
  • Fire Lord’s second ranged skill is Fire Meteorite, slower in flying speed but higher in AOE damage; it incurs large AOE damage, and casts dark flame debuff on the target
  • Fire Lord’s strong arms allow any damage dealt to them to be reduced to 90% of its original

Other changes
  • Optimized Fire Lord’s animation
  • Optimized the vfx of Fire Lord’s skill attack

Change in Resistance
We’ve redefined the perimeter of resistance to allow more effectiveness elemental attacks have against their countering elemental resistance.
  • Light elemental attacks will do 200% damage upon Fire Lord and dark elemental creatures
  • Dark elemental attacks will do 200% damage upon Light Elemental and light elemental creatures
  • Reduced the Resistance of all Mythical creature to 40%
  • Reduced the Resistance of all dark creatures - dark elemental resistance was reduced to 70%, and other elemental resistance are reduced to 10%

Creature Skill change
Creatures’s ranged attack damage will now be enjoying the multiplier given by its Damage

Creature AI
Added a new ranged AI to creatures, allowing ranged creatures to stay at a distance from the approaching player character so that they can effectively cast their ranged attacks against character.

Adjustment in Focus and Mana
  • Restoration of Mana for magic or Elemental creatures will slowly consume Focus
  • When the creature is low in Focus, its Mana restoration speed will be lowered
  • When the creature has 0 Focus, it will no longer restore Mana
  • Creatures can restore Focus by getting into sleep mode

Temporarily Removing Frost Dragon
We’ve started the rework of Frost Dragon,, and we plan to push the Reborn Frost Dragon in May. So we are temporarily removing Frost Dragon from the game. Once we push the Reborn Frost Dragon, any previously-tamed Frost Dragons will despawn.

Balancing Early Game Creatures

Feedback: as the usual first tamed creature players get their hands on, Boar should be more productive in transportation and harvesting.
  • Slightly reduced the size of its model, so that it is more fitting for rider character.
  • Increased Boar’s amount of HP growth per level-up from 6% to 8%
  • Increased Boar’s sprint speed from 565 to 630
  • Fixed an issue where Boar’s moving attack is rubberbanding
  • Fixed an issue where Boar’s Charge skill could not be cast when it is moving

Feedback: as an aggressive creature in early game, Bargesh usually form into pack to attack their targets. However, they are low in HP growth, so when players encounter them in groups, the best strategy is to kite them down one by one.
  • Reduced the amount of hook arrows required to bring Bargesh down
  • Reduced Bargesh’s HP growth per level-up from 5% to 2%
  • Increased Bargesh’s amount of Damage growth per level-up from 10% to 15%
  • Reduced Bargesh’s initial HP from 120 to 100
  • Added Bite skill to Bargesh. When casting its Bite skill, Bargesh will stop moving. This will be your best chance to take it down, or flee
  • Bargesh will now be enjoying Bargesh-pack effect
  • Bargesh will provide one layer of buff, with 5% damage reduction and 10% damage increase, to every other Bargesh or Vicious Hyena nearby
  • Each Bargesh will at most enjoy five layers of buff
  • When Bargesh are distant from each other, it will no longer enjoy the Bargesh-pack effect

Feedback: in early game, the combo of Iron Spear plus Horse is too much overpowering, urging us to nerf Horse so that a more balanced combat system is tangible
  • Reduced Horse’s initial HP from 600 to 450
  • Reduced Horse’s amount of HP growth per level-up from 6% to 4%
  • Reduced the amount of Armor Horse Saddle provides from 22 to 14

Feedback: Wolfpack effect is too overpowering
  • Reduced the amount of damage increase each additional Wolf has on its packmate from 5% to 3%
  • Reduced the amount of damage reduction each additional Wolf has on its packmate from 7% to 5%
  • Reduced the max amount of Wolf allowed in the wolfpack from 8 to 7
  • Reduced the range to validly form a Wolfpack effect from 5000 to 1000

Dark Creatures
Feedback: To allow more effectiveness various elemental attacks have, we are nerfing dark creatures with overpowering Resistance
  • Adjusted dark creatures’ Resistance: Dark Resistance adjusted to 70%; Light Resistance adjusted to -100%, receiving 100% more damage from light elemental attacks; other Resistance adjusted from 40% to 10%
  • Reduced dark creatures’ aggro range from 13,000 to 11,000

From April 28 to May 6, we are hosting a double harvest rate plus double taming rate event. Starting from April 28, structure decay timer in PVE servers will be adjusted as below, and remain adjusted even after the event ends.
  • Straw - 3 days
  • Wooden - from 4 days to 8 days
  • Stone - from 5 days to 10 days
  • Iron - from 7 days to 14 days
  • Manor - from 15 days to 30 days

Decrease the Crafting Time for Mystical Feed to 2 min.

@-=GUARDIAN=- Thank you for your advice.

Other Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed an issue where using Bola de Neutra would cause server rollback
  • Fixed an issue where players entering certain areas of Ironfast, Estel, and Talos will be teleported up
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases Spell Tower’s ammo could not cause damage upon Gorgon Incarnation
  • Fixed an issue where Spell Tower’s project is missing material
  • Fixed an issue where moving the slider in volume does not change the volume of NPCs’ voiceover
  • Added Iron mine and Mithril mine to spawn in the Sacrificial Grounds outside Talos
  • Reduced the amount of Darkstone mine spawned in the Death Forest outside Talos, and increased the amount of Iron mine spawned in it
  • Iron Spear will now be available at City vendor’s inventory after Donation reaches level 10
  • Tames that are tagged as “can not transfer” will not be stoned in Bola de Neutra
Dark and Light Patch 4/11 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/66/dark-and-light-patch-4-11/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/66/dark-and-light-patch-4-11/ Thu, 11 Apr 2019 13:17 CEST
Our next update will be at 2:00 am PST on April 11.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

Important Fixes
â—Ź Fixed an issue where using Bole de Neutra will cause the server to crash

● Adjusted the lighting and vfx in Shard of Faith, so that they are less irritating to players’ views especially in game at noon.
● Adjusted Albino Deer’s Stamina from falling under the combat category to the survival category (the same as Weight), so that when players are adding points to its Stamina, it will consume points from Survival category.
â—Ź Reduced the falling damage Kasha and Bufo received.

Other Fixes
â—Ź Fixed an issue where tames contained in the Bola de Neutra did not have the correct Experience same as before they were contained
â—Ź Fixed an issue where Firestorm Staffhead and Firestorm II Staffhead cannot be interrupted by ammos shooting from the Spell Tower
â—Ź Fixed an issue where the Cooking Pot can not be lit when fuels such as Wood are placed in there

Dark and Light Patch 3/29 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/65/dark-and-light-patch-3-29/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/65/dark-and-light-patch-3-29/ Fri, 29 Mar 2019 09:00 CET Our next update will be at 1:30 am PST on March 28th.
Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the
servers will be closing for the update!

â—Ź Fixed an issue where Bola de Neutra might be lost when getting transferred to another server.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where the same character can be downloaded for multiple times when trying to restore lost character from server transfer.

Changes & Balancing

â—Ź Added blue variant Albino Deer, who has the slamming ability to help gather Magic Shard with more productivity.
● Increased Albino Deer’s initial Stamina from 200 to 400, and increased 10% more Stamina per level-up point assigned.
● Increased Albino Deer’s initial Weight from 300 to 500, and increased 5% more Weight per level-up point assigned.
● Increased Albino Deer’s initial movement speed from 135 to 155.
● Increased Albino Deer’s capacity to store Magic Shard, which will take up only 70% of its original weight when put inside Albino Deer’s inventory.
â—Ź Enabled Albino Deer to craft Magic-Shard-related items inside its inventory.
● Differentiated Albino Deer’s attacks into LMB attack and RMB attack, where LMB attack had lower damage but could be carried out when moving, and RMB attack did higher damage.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where Albino Deer would have weird turning animation.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where mounted Albino Deer was not having the correct movement speed.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where mounted Albino Deer could not leap.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where mounted Albino Deer slid when moving or attacking.
● Fixed Albino Deer’s animation and added more animation.


â—Ź Fixed the localization for Snowy Fox.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where some movement speed debuff would remain effective on creatures and characters even when timer was up.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where using Resurrection Altar in the vanilla Floating Island would cause character to die.
â—Ź Removed event decors in Cities and villages.
â—Ź Fixed an issue where Sleeping Bag and Campfire.could not be placed in the Estel village, to ensure consistency with the other two villages.
â—Ź Added Manor structure pieces to Ogre Boss loot.]]>
Dark and Light Patch 3/19 https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/64/dark-and-light-patch-3-19/ https://darkandlight-servers.com/blog/64/dark-and-light-patch-3-19/ Tue, 19 Mar 2019 05:26 CET
We will be pushing out Our next update will be at 1:00 am PST on March 19th, to address the issues from last patch.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

  • Fixed an issue where players who have unlocked the Summoning Stone in the Knowledge were receiving notifications and were unable to transfer items across servers when attempting to do so.
  • Added Tame Suppression Ball in Necromancer Knowledge, replacing the Summoning Stone as the media to transfer tames.
  • Fixed an issue where server restart was causing some transferred tames to disappear. For tames that are NOT listed below, we highly suggest against transferring them.
  • Tames that can be transferred safely from the Sacred Path to the Shard of Faith:
Albino Deer
Infernus Dragon
Sacred Griffin
Iced Wolf
Lava Tiger
Fairy Dragon

  • Tames that can be transferred safely from the Shard of Faith to the Sacred Path:
Monarch Crab
Snowy Fox