Dark and Light 5/17 Update

Posted on May 18th, 2018 09:26 AM EST
Dark And Light 5/17 update has been released on Steam.

Starting from this week, in addition to the bug fixing and performance optimization we’ve been planned to implement, we will begin adjusting some of the creatures of Archos.

Dark and Light is world filled with magic and mystery. To match this, we feel the creatures on Archos should be more distinctive and unique. This week we’re focusing on the Wolf and Ice Wolf.

Wolf and Wolfpack Effect

In consideration of wolve’s social habits, we feel that the Wolf and Ice Wolf should have some advantages when they’re grouped together. Therefore, we’re introducing the “Wolfpack Effect”.
  • Wolfpack Effect: A wolf is weak when fighting on its own, but stronger when multiple wolves hunt together.
    • Wolf:for each additional Wolf around it, its attack will be increased by 50%, capping at 400%. 
    • Ice Wolf(Alpha Wolf): for each additional Wolf around it, its attack will be increased by 100%, capping at 800%. 
    • Also, When a Wolf/Ice Wolf is within a pack, their damage received is reduced by 10% capping at 80%.
  • Wild and tamed Wolf/Ice Wolf will both have the Wolfpack Effect. When a Wolf is receiving the buff, on top of its name, you will be able to see “+x”, with “x” indicating the amount of Wolf around it. 
  • Tamed and Wild Wolves don’t buff one another, because they don’t belong to the same group. Likewise, Wolf from different Houses cannot buff each other either. 
  • The Wolf and Ice Wolf will also be adjusted in the following ways:
    • Wolf:Greatly reduce its taming difficulty, increase its base HP, and reduce its base attack
    • Ice Wolf (Alpha Wolf):Greatly increase its base HP and base attack, increase its taming difficulty, and adjust its spawning amount around the snowy mountain. 
    • Hints: By pressing “H” Adventurers can direct your wolfpack(tamed Wolf) to attack the target your crosshair is aiming at.

Upcoming Patch Notification

Additionally, our patch after this one might affect player data, so we are giving notice in advance. 
  • 1. We’re going to reduce the slot capacity to five slots for signpost in city rental houses. Be sure to take out your valuables as our modification might cause item loss in signpost inventory. 
  • 2. We’ll be removing the structure decay timers we implemented during the Chinese New Year. Players will be able to manually destroy these structures that seem to be long-abandoned. These rules will applies to all server types. 
    • Straw: manual demolish is available after 3 days
    • Wood:manual demolish is available after 4 days
    • Stone:manual demolish is available after 7 days
    • Iron:manual demolish is available after 15 days
    • Manor:manual demolish is available after 30 days
    Note: this doesn’t mean that these structures will be automatically demolished once the timer is up. Players will have to manually demolish these structures after the timer is up.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that affected renaming tamed creatures.
  • Fix a bug where combat audio sfx not playing correctly.
  • Fix a bug that caused two issues which would crash clients.
  • Fix the model for planted crops growing large.
  • Fix a bug where Staff damage values were not in line with their staff tier. 
  • Adjust the Bone Dragon Skin recipe, Goblin Skin recipe and Reindeer Skin recipes so they can only be crafted twice.
  • Adjust the crafting materials needed to make the Reindeer Skin.
  • Reduce the crafting cost for Searing Edge.
  • Remove the extra armor vendor inside Talos.
  • Fix an UI issue with the craftable item in the Inventory.
  • Adjusted how trees fall after being harvested.
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