Dark and Light Halloween Patch

Posted on October 25th, 2019 08:53 PM EST

Greetings Adventurers,

Our Halloween update will be at 1:00 am PDT on October 26th.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

Warning! Meteorites are dropping in the Graveyard (aka Dark Forest) area on the Sacred Path, and dark creatures are invited to join in on the Halloween Party. Adventurers will be able to find items that are exclusive to these Halloween meteorites! However, obtaining these treats will be no easy feat! You will have to defeat the dark creatures to obtain them!

Skeletons dressed up in unusual costumes are also ambushing careless adventurers. Adventurers will encounter knight Skeleton, archer Skeleton, and wizard Skeleton. You may even run into mini Reapers and mini Elite Dark Wraiths. These dark creatures carry all sorts of Halloween candy that will grant you power - if you can take the side effect! Adventurers are advised to hunt them down!

New Halloween Candy
  • BloodBerry Candy: a red Halloween candy containing evil power which buffs damage while slowly poisoning the user
  • SnakeVine Candy: a yellow Halloween candy containing evil power, which buffs movement speed while slowly poisoning the user.
  • Ghost Mushroom Candy: a blue Halloween candy containing evil power, which reduces stamina cost and mana cost while slowly poisoning the user.
  • Vermouth Candy: a green Halloween candy containing evil power, which removes the poisoning effect on you at the cost of your Health Points..
  • Assorted Candy: a jar of assorted Halloween candy; can be crafted using the other four Halloween Candy and the Pumpkin Candy Jar. Without poisoning you, Assorted Candy grants you all 4 buffs that each of Halloween Candies provides. You can consume the Assorted Candy only up to 5 times, and once you eat it all, the Pumpkin Candy Jar will be returned to you.

**Note: Assorted Candy is also Mini Elite Dark Wraith’s favorite feed. You heard us. Mini Elite Dark Wraith is tameable!

In addition to the Halloween candies, we have a few other new Items, the Evil Treasure (pumpkin storage box) and the Pumpkin Candy Jar.

As an extension to our regular weekend double harvest rate, all official servers will enjoy both double harvest rate and double taming rate from October 26th to November 4th.

Thank you.

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