Attention: Tentative Chaos Server Revamp

Posted on September 26th, 2019 07:27 PM EST

Greetings Adventurers

The Ice Dragon and Towers Rework patch is still steady on the way! Thanks for your continued patience. For now though, we'd like to begin a discussion on the state of Chaos Servers.

For a time now, Chaos servers have seen less activity compared to our servers. This deserved some looking into, and after some consideration, the development team has decided to revamp the Chaos Servers. We are looking to shut down the Chaos Servers to introduce Chaos Fury Servers with new settings and rules. The plan is to have players start anew on the Chaos Fury servers.

Of course, we'd like to hear from our Community before we make such changes and are open to suggestions.

Chaos Fury Server - Proposed Rules and Settings
Server settings:
  1. 5x exp gain
  2. 10x harvest rate
  3. 3x resource spawning speed
  4. 5x taming rate
  5. 3x dino damage
War Declaration:
  1. 3 hours to prepare for war after a house is declared war upon.
  2. 6 hours for war time
Depending on the amount of active players, we are potentially looking into having these be fast-paced servers that are wiped on a monthly basis.

Tentative Schedule
After gathering community feedback and finalizing the Chaos Fury settings, we will make an announcement and begin to roll out the Chaos Furry servers in 3 batches every 2 weeks. A more detailed schedule will be provided with the final announcement.

I was playing on a Chaos Server, what can be done?
  • Players from the original Chaos servers can contact GM to ask for compensation on their new server. The deadline for compensation will be announced upon finalization of the Chaos Fury plans as well.
  • Players can also ask for a saved archive of the Chaos servers

Please let us know your feedback on the proposed changes! We look forward to hearing from the community. :)
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