Dark and Light 4/26 Update

Posted on April 27th, 2018 03:19 PM EST
Dark And Light 4/26 update has been released on Steam.

Magic Optimization
    Second Round of Magic/Rune adjustments
    • Adjust the required material for crafting and repairing staffheads in order to simplify the crafting and repairing process
    • Increase Staffhead duration, allowing more spells to be cast before needing repairs.
    • Elite and Dark creatures can now drop higher quality staffheads.
  • Lowered the Dark creature’s level that spawn from meteorites right outside City entrances.
-Notes to Adventurers: We’re going to continue pushing more optimizations for Dark and Light throughout the month of May. We’re going to really be focusing on optimizing the performance of Dark and Light, making it easier for your PC to run. By adjusting asset and gameplay optimization, the amount of memory used and stress on system GPUs will be lowered.This should help a lot with lagging and black screen issues players are having. When it comes to ingame optimizations, we’re focusing on adjust the creatures around Archos, redefining their roles, tweaking their stats, adjusting item drops, and providing more unique skills. This wills make those creatures more distinct and their role more defined.

Gameplay Optimizations
  • Shattering vfx for harvested bush/grass has been changed to a fading vfx, for optimization purposes, which should reduce lag.
  • Feeding trough icon will no longer appear on top of the tames if they’re not actually eating from the trough.
  • Removed all unused keybindings from the option menu
  • Remove the default N for Whistle all to follow. Players should now be able to bind whichever key they want for whistle all to follow. 
    • Note: Changing this might cause other customized key binding to go back to default, so double check these to make sure your key bindings are correct.
  • Reduced the screen shaking effect Firestorm causes
Bug Fixes
  • Fix a bug where players can utilize Soul Binding Scroll were having unintended effects on equipment.
  • Fix a bug where Water Elementals were able to damage Manor Structures
  • Fix a bug where Dark Creatures from Dark Invasions would get stuck under the ground.
  • Fix a bug where creatures being tamed would sometimes have their health drop
  • Fix a bug where duplicate soul nodes would show up in the revival screen.
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