Dark and Light Patch 4/11

Posted on April 11th, 2019 06:17 AM EST
Greeting Adventurers,

Our next update will be at 2:00 am PST on April 11.

Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

Important Fixes
● Fixed an issue where using Bole de Neutra will cause the server to crash

● Adjusted the lighting and vfx in Shard of Faith, so that they are less irritating to players’ views especially in game at noon.
● Adjusted Albino Deer’s Stamina from falling under the combat category to the survival category (the same as Weight), so that when players are adding points to its Stamina, it will consume points from Survival category.
● Reduced the falling damage Kasha and Bufo received.

Other Fixes
● Fixed an issue where tames contained in the Bola de Neutra did not have the correct Experience same as before they were contained
● Fixed an issue where Firestorm Staffhead and Firestorm II Staffhead cannot be interrupted by ammos shooting from the Spell Tower
● Fixed an issue where the Cooking Pot can not be lit when fuels such as Wood are placed in there

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