Dark and Light Patch 3/29

Posted on March 29th, 2019 03:00 AM EST
Greeting Adventurers,
Our next update will be at 1:30 am PST on March 28th.
Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the
servers will be closing for the update!

● Fixed an issue where Bola de Neutra might be lost when getting transferred to another server.
● Fixed an issue where the same character can be downloaded for multiple times when trying to restore lost character from server transfer.

Changes & Balancing

● Added blue variant Albino Deer, who has the slamming ability to help gather Magic Shard with more productivity.
● Increased Albino Deer’s initial Stamina from 200 to 400, and increased 10% more Stamina per level-up point assigned.
● Increased Albino Deer’s initial Weight from 300 to 500, and increased 5% more Weight per level-up point assigned.
● Increased Albino Deer’s initial movement speed from 135 to 155.
● Increased Albino Deer’s capacity to store Magic Shard, which will take up only 70% of its original weight when put inside Albino Deer’s inventory.
● Enabled Albino Deer to craft Magic-Shard-related items inside its inventory.
● Differentiated Albino Deer’s attacks into LMB attack and RMB attack, where LMB attack had lower damage but could be carried out when moving, and RMB attack did higher damage.
● Fixed an issue where Albino Deer would have weird turning animation.
● Fixed an issue where mounted Albino Deer was not having the correct movement speed.
● Fixed an issue where mounted Albino Deer could not leap.
● Fixed an issue where mounted Albino Deer slid when moving or attacking.
● Fixed Albino Deer’s animation and added more animation.


● Fixed the localization for Snowy Fox.
● Fixed an issue where some movement speed debuff would remain effective on creatures and characters even when timer was up.
● Fixed an issue where using Resurrection Altar in the vanilla Floating Island would cause character to die.
● Removed event decors in Cities and villages.
● Fixed an issue where Sleeping Bag and Campfire.could not be placed in the Estel village, to ensure consistency with the other two villages.
● Added Manor structure pieces to Ogre Boss loot.
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