Dark and Light Update 3/15

Posted on March 15th, 2019 12:00 PM EST
Greeting Adventurers,

We pushed an update on March 15th.

Below you can check the entire list of changes:

Changes & Balancing
  • Disabled the usage of Summoning Stone, Soul Suppression Stone, and Small Soul Suppression Stone in transferring tames. As a replacement, the Tame Suppression Ball was introduced as the media to transfer tames across servers. You can use the Tame Suppression Ball to suppress your tame temporarily and use it again to release your tame after you transfer to another server.

    (NOTE: The Tame Suppression Ball did not make into the patch. We are also looking into the issue where some players might not be able to transfer servers after this patch. We strongly advise that you do not transfer server at the moment until further notice arrives. We will be working to patch in the Tame Suppression Ball and resolve the server transfer issues as soon as possible )

  • Facilities (such as the Forge, Refining Forge, etc) that requires players to press E to interact/turn on/turn off at the action wheel will now have their interaction option moved into the facility inventory screen. Players who try to hold E to access the inventory screens will now be less likely to encounter resource loss caused by accidentally pressing E to turn off the facility.
  • Mobs, elite and Boss creatures in the Desert Outpost were greatly nerfed in their HP.
  • Portal Beacon can now be placed on top the ceilings owned by you or your house mate, and it will not be allowed to be placed nearby non-friendly structures.
  • Increased the max energy value for Leylines in Shard of Faith, and reduced the energy decay rate so that it is easier for players to find available Leylines in Shard of Faith.

  • Fixed an issue where some blueprints could not be crafted in your character inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the blueprint for Stormbreak Glaive could be crafted with unlimited times.
  • Fixed an issue where consuming Frozen Crystal Ore will no longer increase Knowledge exp for Forging node.
  • Fixed and updated some localization.

    Thank you.

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