First Round of Server Closures

Posted on January 22nd, 2019 07:00 PM EST
Greetings Adventurers,

On 1/24/2019 at 12 AM PST, the first batch of servers will be shut down. The servers that will be closing can be found here marked in red:

We highly recommend that you transfer your character to one of the green servers, which we will continue to support and maintain in the long run. Please take screenshots of your character page, inventory, etc, in the event that you lose your character or any items upon transfer. Send a ticket to the support team and we will help you with the recovery of your character.

Thank you all for your continued dedication to Dark and Light. We will let you know when the next batch of servers will be closing, which will be roughly some time towards the end of February.

-The Dark and Light Team.
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