Dark and Light Update January 11th

Posted on January 11th, 2019 04:57 AM EST
Greeting Adventurers,
Our next patch will be at 4:00 am PST on January 11th.
Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update!

  •  French localization has been implemented

  • Removed Holiday snowy environment, City and Camp holiday decorations
  • Removed Holiday Hat from loot table
  • Placed Public Dining Table in Outposts in Shard of Faith. Players can interact with the Dining Table to restore Food/Hunger, and gain a Buff that will allow players to be immune to Hunger for a period of time
  • Adjusted male characters’ rolling animation
  • Removed Horse trample damage so that it won’t accidentally bump into city guards
  • Reduced the audio volume for Spell Ammo hitting targets
  • Fixed an issue where Cannon Port Hatch Frame, Deck Hatch Frame, and Cargo Hold Hatch Frame cannot be placed on the Sky Fortress
  • Fixed some issues where house data was lost during server transfer.
We are also working to fix the issue where Fire Cave workbench and Ice Cave workbench are disappearing.
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