UPCOMING UPDATE: Patch notes for Nov. 15th

Posted on November 14th, 2018 05:21 PM EST
Greeting Adventurers,

We will be pushing an update at 12:00 am PST on November 15th.

Please keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closed for update and keep an eye out for your items and tame!

You can check out all of the changes in the full patch notes below:

Important Changes

Elemental Tower
  • Elemental Tower will shoot Magic Ammo in a quicker and more accurate fashion
  • Added a new facility structure - Magic Ammo Hub, which can be unlocked in Thaumaturgy Knowledge, and automatically refuels Elemental Tower with Magic Ammo within a certain range from Magic Ammo Hub

Satyr Incarnation RMB attack
  • The base damage of its RMB attack, Lightning Spear will be determined by the weapon that the players are currently equipping with
  • Character’s damage multiplier will have an additional 50% damage increase in Lightning Spear
  • Tier II Satyr Incarnation will throw 2 Lightning Spear, with one RMB click, and Tier III Satyr Incarnation will throw 3

Removed Gabboween changes, and restore them to regular content

Implemented German Localization - Please take note that we are still working on making sure the German localization is accurate, and we ask the community to assist us in proofreading it in


Fixed an issue where allied houses can activate multiple House Seal at the same location to keep the base from being raided


  • Increased the feeding radius for Wooden Feeding Trough and Stone Feeding Trough so tames are lessly like to die of hunger
  • Treant’s plant-growth promotion is back and can be activated the in a tamed Treant’s action wheel
  • Reduce the crafting cost for manor framework structures and framework structures


  • Fixed some terrains that are getting players stuck
  • Fixed some terrains and assets that players can glitch through
  • Fixed some floating vegetation assets
  • Fixed some vegetation assets not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed some Darkstone deposit that’s not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed some servers that are constantly raining

  • Fixed an issue where Behemoth is getting spawned repeatedly more than once in the desert
  • Fixed an issue where Elite Owl stays immobilized after it is hit by Hook Arrow
  • Fixed an issue where Kormut Bloatgullet is attacking other creature corpse and not being aggroed when attacked by others
  • Fixed an issue where the server restart will respawn altar-summoned elites, bosses, and Mythicals which were killed before server restart
  • Fixed an issue where vfx such as burning vfx and poison vfx will be visually enlarged when they hit larger creatures, such as elites and bosses
  • Fixed an issue where United Army guards will attack tames
  • Fixed an issue where outpost Kebo will not despawn after the timer is up
  • Fixed an issue where creatures are getting spawned inside enclosed houses or on top of houses
  • Fixed an issue where Uillip doesn’t have the correct slot amount in its inventory

Character and Incarnation
  • Fixed an issue where using shape shifting runes after player picked up a tame owl will have the owl attached to the shapeshifted character
  • Fixed the Gorgon and Satyr-incarnated character sliding issue when changing equipments, drinking and eating
  • Fixed an issue where character’s hand glitched through Gladiator Hide Shield
  • Fixed an issue where character cannot move themselves until after the player stops dancing around the Bonfire
  • Fixed an issue where Tier II Satyr-incarnated character cannot use Rune of Warmth, Rune of Light and other runes
  • Fixed an issue where Satyr Stone Spear is not being displayed correctly when equipped in the hand of Satyr-incarnated character
  • Fixed an issue where Satyr-incarnated character doesn’t play audio when eating, drinking and using spell
  • Fixed an issue where 0/5 is being displayed in the left top corner in the hotbar slot for Spear of Hel
  • Fixed an issue where killing Chimera doesn’t complete the quest
  • Fixed an issue where male character animation is incorrect when equipping Iron Hammer

Items and Facility
  • Fixed an issue where “transfer all” will also transfer items in the hotbar
  • Fixed an issue where revived Ice Imp cannot get out of the Summoning Pool
  • Fixed an issue where Storm Essence has an incorrect icon
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor cannot be moved after Balefire Sabaton exhausted the Fire Essence needed for the sprinting
  • Fixed an issue stamina is not being used when the character is shape-shifted into Bear and Wolf
  • Fixed an issue where Sky Fortress is getting stuck when flying close to the ground
  • Fixed an issue where Sky Fortress is not correctly displayed in its inventory

  • Fixed some localization

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the patch notes, All feedback is welcome! Please know we are working to the best of our ability to get this resolved and hope that you are enjoying the new DLC, Shard of faith!
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