Nov. 1st Patch notes

Posted on October 31st, 2018 04:36 PM EST
Greeting Adventurers,

We hope you guys are enjoying Halloween and Gabboween!

We will be pushing an update at 1:00 am PDT on Nov. 1. You can check out all of the changes in the patch notes below.

Please take note of the in-game message for when the servers will be closed for update. and keep an eye out for your items and tames.

Important Fixes

-Fixed an issue where riding non-flyer tames were experiencing rubber-banding by certain terrain.
-Fixed an issue where flyer tames could not take off when mounted.
-Russian localization is implemented in game. Please take note that we are still working on making sure the Russian localization is accurate, and we ask the community to assist us in proofreading it in
·Other language localizations are still undergoing proofreading before we release them.

Map adjustment

-Increased the Z-axis height of the map, and added invisible barrier to prevent players from accidentally travelling too high up and crossing the map boundary.

Item Balancing

Optimize the material required for crafting and repairing tools and equipment, to ensure their recipes are reasonable:

1. Reduce the amount of material required to craft and repair quality armors and weapons.
In the last patch update, we fixed a bug where the amount of material required to repair quality items is not increased compared to non-quality items. However, we received player feedback saying the cost much higher, so we re-adjust the multiplier and reduce the material cost for crafting and repairing quality items.

2. Reduce the amount of lower-tier tool/equipment, and elite/boss drops required to craft and repair quality armors and weapons.
Some recipes takes lower-tier items as crafting material, for example, Satyr Axe will need Stone Axe while Firestorm Staffhead II will need Firestorm Staffhead I. In the meantime a lot of recipes will take elite/boss/drops as crafting material.
This update will reduce the amount of lower-tier items and elite/boss drops so that it is less costly when you craft and repair quality items.

3. Reduce the cost it takes to craft race-exclusive. Now it will only needs material that is more commonly harvestable.
For example: repairing Spear of Hel will no longer take Hunting Spear+Mithril Ingot. Instead, it will only need Antiseptic Wood+Mithril Ingot to get it repaired after this patch.

Other Fixes and Adjustment

-Added a new wood-chopping animation for Satyr Axe’s and Stone Axe’s RMB swing so that you can harvest wood from trees more efficiently.
-Optimized creatures’ physics and ragdoll to help with their twitchy bodies when creatures are dead
- Fixed an issue where players can cast Drain Spell II Staff head while moving.
- Fixed an issue where the Element Tower is not corrected positioned when placed on top of Behemoth platform saddle.
-Adjusted Chimera’s LMB attack speed, and its stamina cost, making it a more powerful enemy, or a stronger tame for players.
-Removed the waggling when Behemoth is idling, so that its platform saddle and the structures atop it are not shaking a lot.
-Fixed an issue where Air Fortress is not controllable because the collision in Air Fortress cockpit is incorrect.
-Fixed an issue where Hydra skills and Behemoth skills are damaging themselves and getting themselves killed.
-Fixed an issue where Shadow Cannon Ball and Light Cannonball are not craftable in the Refining Forge
-Fixed an issue where Staff of Neutra is not showing the correct crafting material.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the patch notes, we welcome any feedback! Please know we are working to the best of our ability to get this resolved and hope that you are enjoying the new DLC Shard of faith!
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