Official server update on October 30

Posted on October 30th, 2018 03:16 AM EST
Greetings, Adventurers in Ganareth,
We have another Dark and Light patch coming at 1:00 am PDT on Oct. 30.
You can check out all of the updates in the full patch notes below.

Please take care of your items and your creatures.
We will officially confirm the updating time both in the announcement and in-game pop-up window.

Important Fixes

· Fix the Satyr Task Hel's blessing - Before, you can't finished the task after the spear of Hel has been created. Now we have fixed it!
If you are currently working on this task, you need to redo it after we update our patch.
If you have already completed this task, you could still do it again and get paid.

· Fix taming Task – There were too many requirements to get the creatures tamed. A lot of players found the taming Task was so hard since they cannot go anywhere until the creatures are tamed.
Now we optimized this part. You and your family members can finish this quest more easily.
1. Even if you leave the creatures during the taming, you can still get this task done.
2. Family members who participate in the taming process can also complete this task.


· Fix a bug that could make the server crash.

· Fix the bug that the Sluagh were not spawning properly.

· Fix the bug that the players or creatures’ speed would become abnormal after being hit by the Dharkhu lizard venom.


· We changed the icon of gorgon hydroponic plot to a triangular land, where you can quickly grow crops. You could use these triangular lands and the fan-shaped lands to build up the unique land as you like.

· Fix some UI.
· Fix some text.

We will soon update the following content in a future patch.

· Players on the Sacred path may not be able to accept and work on the Task. We have already found this issue and we are currently working on that.

· After updating some code, we find some creatures may not act normally. Currently, when creatures pass through some raised areas, it will pull back, and the flying creatures may fail to take off. We are fixing on these two bugs right now and will update ASAP.

· There are some problems with the collision of the air fortress. We will fix it in next patch; but in the next few months, we will also reconstruct the air fortress to avoid future problems.

·Players cannot see the recipe of shadow cannon ball and light cannon ball in the refining furnace. We are working on this right now.

· We are currently proofreading Russian, and other language versions of DNL and we will publish them ASAP. (This week)

When we publish these language versions, we will also upload a "Dark and Bright Text Comparison Table" in the community. You could find all language translation in this table. If you find any mistake in the text, welcome to give a comment in the community or email us to let us know. We will fix it!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Happy Halloween everyone!
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