Oct. 26 Test Build Patch Update

Posted on October 25th, 2018 10:10 PM EST
Greetings Adventurers!

We will be pushing an update to the test build at 1:00 am PDT on Oct. 26, and we estimate to release it live at 1:00 am PDT on Oct. 27.

Please keep an eye out for your items and tames. The actual update time for official servers will be notified in the in-game message.

Key fixes
● Fixed an issue where lagging and rubber-banding occur after players cast spells.

● Fixed an issue where Kasha blinks into the underground or other props, thus unable to get out.

● Fixed an issue where Elite Sandworm and Arakkonen the Devourer corpses are not searchable for loot.

● Fixed an issue where house member swallowed by a Giant Bufo belonging to the house will become invincible.

● Fixed an issue where quest voiceover plays every time character incarnates or de-incarnates.

Tips on Items that are not allowed in each Map: In Knowledge screen, inventory, and hotbar, players will now clearly see tips indicating if this item is allowed to use in either Shard of Faith, or the Sacred Path. We will adjust accordingly following players feedback and balance the gameplay experience in both maps.

Harvesting Efficiency: Dharkhu is known to be a adept climber, with a pair of forelimps that look like pickaxes used to harvest resource. Hence, we adjusted Dharkhu’s harvesting efficiency, now it should be able to obtain more yield from trees, boulders, and ores especially.

Farming Optimization: We’ve learned about players’ feedback about how time-consuming it is to craft Fertilizer, and we are making adjustment progressively, first, by allowing Meat to decay faster in Compost Bin, which would help expedite the process of crafting Fertilizer.

Taming and Feeding: to better distinguish Wooden Feeding Trough and Stone Feeding Trough, we created a new model for Stone Feeding Trough,

- Wooden Feeding Trough looks like a temporary feeding tray used when you are taming creatures in the wild. It can be easily destroyed.

- Stone Feeding Trough is more solid and durable, especially inside your bases. Feed placed inside can be preserved for a longer time as well.

● To make it easier to craft manor structures, we will implement the below changes:

- Greatly reduce the weight for Silica Powder and Charcoal, so that characters can carry more with them.

- Fire Essence will now last 3600 seconds when used as fuel in Refining Forge.

DLC has a lot of weapons and spells that require crafting material generated in the Refining Forge, so we lower its cost.

Gobboween Event

Gobboween is coming, for both Shard of Faith and Sacred Path. The event will last for two weeks. While we are going full speed to fix issues in the Sacred Path and Shard of Faith, we would still like to bring some festive joy into Dark and Light.

● City barrels will be replaced by pumpkins, and Goblin Candy has been added to the pumpkin drop table.

● Demon Treasure will now drop Candy, Blunderbuss, Candy Bullet and Silver Bullet. In rare cases, you can also get blueprints of quality
Blunderbuss. The damage Silver Bullet does on dark creatures is also buffed.

● Goblin models are replaced with Pumpkin Goblin. Pumpkin Goblin will drop Pumpkin Helm which can be obtained in both Sacred Path and Shard of Faith.

● Owl, Elite Owl, and Strix Argentcrest will now wear a witch hat to celebrate Halloween. Witch Hat blueprint is added to their drop table as well.

● Added new equipment - Witch Hat, exclusive item during Gobboween. It provides a lot of magic damage resistance, yet it is easily broken.

● Sluagh models will be updated to pumpkin-themed.

● Uillip models will be updated to pumpkin-themed.

We hope the adventurers in Dark and Light can enjoy the Halloween event, and enjoy our little naughty creatures. Have fun out there!

VFX Optimization

● The blinding vfx for Frostbolt Staff Head has been reduced.

● Wall Torch will brighten up a larger area.

● Sand dust vfx from Sandworm’s movement and attack has been reduced.

● Optimize the vfx indication for Rune of Haste.

Combat and Balance

● Optimize the AI for mythical creatures, making them more formidable foes for players.

● Adjust Constitution, Mana, Food, Weight for mythical creatures.

● Reduce the hp regeneration time duration for Giant Bufo and Ventox the Cragkeeper, making them easier for players to tackle.

● Elites and Boss creatures (with the exception of Elite Scarab) will no longer flee from fight after they are engaged in combat with players. This will help avoid situations where elites and bosses are summoned but the attempts to kill them fail, hence stopping your quest progression.

● Removed the blink attack from Elite Kasha and Szareth the Huntress.

● Increase the damage of sickle Goblin’s bleeding effect, while reduce the effect duration on the target.

● Add poisonmist volume to the entrance of Sandworm’s cave. Be careful when you decide to venture into Sandworm’s Cave.

● Change the names and tips for cave creatures to distinguish them from non-cave creatures. Cave creatures are more challenging and they cannot be tamed.

Bug fixing

● Fixed an issue where Spiced Omelet could not be crafted in Stone Fireplace.

● Fixed an issue where players can not use the mouse when the character is shapeshifted into Unicorn.

● Fixed the inconsistency between the actual prices and display prices for goods merchants sell.

● Fixed an issue where Reagent Bottle (empty) would spoil.

● Fixed some terrain that caused characters to get stuck.

● Fixed an issue where some creatures would not stand in idle position correctly.

● Fixed an issue where killing Skeletons would not grant Knowledge exp for Sacrifice the Living Rank 1.

● Fixed an issue where Uillip corpse would vanish upon killing it before it explodes.

● Fixed an issue where the repairing material for quality equipment was not correctly displayed.

● Fixed an animation sliding issue with Giant Bufo’s movement.

● Fixed an issue where guards will not return to their original point once aggroed.

● Fixed an issue where Owl corpse is dragged further away and ragdoll twitching upon being killed.

● Fixed an issue where obtaining Goblin Gizmo does not complete the Goblin quest.

● Fixed an issue where Weather. Acid Rain spoils.

● Fixed an issue where Giant Bufo and Dharkhu can not climb up slopes with lower grades.

● Fixed an issue where shapeshifted Sluagh is giving the character unreasonably high HP.

● Fixed an issue where logging off while in Satyr-incarnation will cause you to lose all the items in your inventory once you log back in.

● Fixed an issue where Ice Imp can not get out of the Summoning Pool.

● Fixed an issue where Hydroponic Plot can not be placed anywhere.

● Removed Spicy Bacon from Neutra’s Temple inventory

● Fixed some localization.

● Fixed an issue where Cyclopes is not pointing to the right entry in Bestiary.

Other Known Issues

• We’ve noticed the issue that Craft Satyr Stone Spear cannot be completed, and we are working as fast as we can to fix it, with the data provided by players.

• Taming quests not being registered is caused by players getting too far away from the target during the taming process. We’ve come up with a fix and we will start testing the fix to make sure it is ready for the next patch update.

• We are also aware of the issues players who completed the quest line in pre-DLC-release in Sacred Path have in tracking the new quest system. We are making optimization and adjustment to fix the issue.

We would like to extend our appreciation to players who help test the build. We will continue follow up with players’ comments, and feedback. We understand Dark and Light is yet to be perfect, and our devs are working full speed to make Dark and Light better. Thank you so much for your support.
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