Dark and Light 5/23 Update

Posted on May 24th, 2018 07:59 AM EST
Dark And Light 5/23 update has been released on Steam.

We have this week’s patch planned for Thursday, 5/24, at around 1AM PST. Please make sure you’re in a safe location at this time. The patch will contain the following items.

Last week, we updated a patch that focused on The Wolf and Wolf Pack. We've collected community feedback, and discovered some bugs. We're continuing to work on fixing these bugs. 

  • Revert the the expanded city limit last week.
  • Adjust Double-handed Sword LMB animation .
  • Optimize TIPs for harvesting in HUD.
  • Correct the consistency of UI element names.
  • Adjust the time and required material needed to revive the Ice Wolf.
  • Adjust slot amount for sign posts in City rental houses.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix an issue where server restarts were causing tames to lose their paint jobs.
  • Fix an issue that displayed Bed's hp incorrectly .
  • Fix an issue with wild Beehives not being accessible .
  • Fix a collision issue with a building in Estel, blocking players from entering.
  • Remove the extra armor vendor in the Estel Church.
  • Fix an issue with not being able to aim Frost Dragon Breath at the target and cause damage.
  • Remove the structure decay timers we implemented previous, and are now allow players to manually demolish structures once the structures has hit the timer set as below:
    • Straw: manual demolish is available after 3 days
    • Wood:manual demolish is available after 4 days
    • Stone:manual demolish is available after 7 days
    • Iron:manual demolish is available after 15 days
    • Manor:manual demolish is available after 30 days

We are implementing the shorter structure decay timer in this patch. We understand that some players are concerned that the time is too short, so we promise that it will be extended during holidays so that players can enjoy their break. 
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