Dark and Light 8/11 Update

Posted on August 11th, 2017 05:28 PM EST
A new update for Dark And Light has been released on Steam.

  • Optimization: We've removed the function that allows you to drag a dizzy character's body the way you can drag a dead body. 
  • Fix: Many players reported their game getting stuck when loaded at 99%. We've fixed this bug, and we appreciate all the players who reached out to bring this to our attention!
  • Fix: We've fixed the recurring problem of disappearing NPCs that don't respawn once killed.
  • Fix: Many players have reported that their spell towers with wouldn't work with certain spell combinations after each previous update. We've fixed the bug causing that issue.
  • Fix: We've addressed the bug that allows players to use advanced spells without a decrease in mana that would occur when players would switch staff heads. 
  • Fix: Display error at the respawn point.
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